A Few Fun Facts About Travel Insurance

Finding a doctor in Marrakesh is easy, finding one that's been to medical school... well, that's where travel insurance comes in....

Without travel insurance, you are very much on your own. There will be no follow up after your care, you have to obtain and translate all the documents, with no referrals to competent doctors who speak english or are Western trained, and you may or may not be reimbursed for your treatment.

We offer consumer driven travel insurance products that are operated and regulated in the USA. They cover preexisting conditions and operate a network. Other companies manage skirt the law, as they are surplus and excess lines coverage, which ARE NOT REGULATED. We offer fully admitted and regulated products.

A few of my favorite travel insurance products that we offer are through a company called Geo-Blue. They offer Concierge -level service, translations, and they operate a network in roughly 190 countries. There are no excluded countries on these plans. All of the doctors run the gauntlet to become part of this network, have interviews with chief medical directors, and bill direct with geoblue for covered services. Saves clients so much time and hassle. The doctors give real time information about new hospitals and doctors in the area, so they are constantly bringing on new resources. The foreign doctors have profiles about them so you have an extra layer of comfort. The resources GeoBlue provides makes selecting a doctor feel a bit closer to the experience you have at home, you can see where they went to school, what services are offered at their clinic, etc, as well as profiles of the hospital.

The mobile app also has a drug equivalency guide, which is a great resource for seniors. If they lose their meds, they can get them replaced. In the states, allergy meds are pretty standardized, but in Europe, one drug can have 10 different names and formulations.

In addition to a health insurance policy, the program issues travel safety alerts. You can even file a claim on the site or mobile app.

The most popular option we offer is the Geo Blue Travel Medical Plan. It covers any accidents, injuries, and illnesses you may have abroad during short term trips (1-180 days in legth). The plan covers terrorism. missionaries, students, and is guaranteed issue from 1-180 days, up to age 84.

We also offer a more long term travel insurance product, that is good for unlimited trips throughout the year, with an unlimited lifetime max. The monthly premium for us residents (citizens and foreign nationals) is surprisingly affordable, and there is no limit on time spent in or out of the US under these plans.

We can also do an international only plan, so no US coverage is included, if someone is particularly fond of their US plan.

Have a vacation in mind? Give us a call today to discuss all of your options and get you covered.

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